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    TheraKine is partnering with global biopharmaceutical companies

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    TheraKine is partnering with global biopharmaceutical companies

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    TheraKine is partnering with global biopharmaceutical companies

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    TheraKine is partnering with global biopharmaceutical companies

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    TheraKine is partnering with global biopharmaceutical companies

TheraKine Limited is a privately held drug delivery Company

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Sustained release - repurposing & innovating

TheraKine has developed a sustained release delivery platform for the local delivery of biologic and small molecule drugs. From a few days to many months, linear release is now possible using TheraKine's tunable sustained-release technologies.

Our aproach is unique and enables important functional capabilites, we believe that we are the first firm to demonstrate linear release of micronized injectable bioactive biologics for six to nine months. Using fundamental physical forces - without solvents - we are able to use existing approved excipients as the structural elements of depot formulations that are compatible with injection into most parts of the body. The released drugs have been shown to be functional when released even after months in the depot.

In-vivo verification of safety and kinetics has been demonstrated.

TheraKine's technologies are compatible with sensitive peptides, very low molecular weight drugs, and difficult solubilities.

Representative release kinetics of various specific formulations of monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, receptor antagonists, and other large molecule drugs.

  • TheraKine's toolbox of sustained release technologies allows custom formulations with almost any kinetic profile.
  • Demonstration formulations showing over one year of linear (zero order) release with large protein drugs.
  • Tunable release is possible to satisfy any therapeutic need - linear, burst release, and decay release can be combined if required.
  • The bioactivity of the source drugs are well preserved through the entire release duration.

Make your drugs even better with sustained release

TheraKine's proprietary tunable release formulations offer short and long term sustained release kinetics. Durations from a few days to many months are possible with biologics like VEGF and generics like naltrexone. The technology can maintain linear kinetics for more than half an year with high bioactivity for the entire duration.

Hydrophilic and hydrophobic forms are available, with a variety of characteristics, to enable topical use, local injection, depot forms, and even catheter or arthroscopic delivery. TheraKine can help you repurpose existing drugs and obtain new expanded patent protection.

Because our technology is based on a bio-physical interaction of the system drug/delivery matrix, there is no chemical modification to your drug. Extremes of heat or pH do not occur, and no organic solvents are used, which could be a real advantage over other types of polymer technologies.

We use a variety of GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) materials and excipients in our patent-pending matrix formulations. This should reduce concerns about risks to patients and regulatory approval paths.

Make your drugs even better with sustained release

Release profile of micronized and intravitreally injectable (via 27 Gauge) anti-rabbit TNF alpha antibody at body temperature. The delivering microparticles payloaded with the therapeutic antibody are composed of GRAS low-molecular weight ingredients, as a 50 microliter suspension ready for injection.